A Python content management system designed for kirsle.net featuring a blog, comments and photo albums. https://rophako.kirsle.net/
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Endpoints for the commenting subsystem."""
from flask import Blueprint, g, request, redirect, url_for, flash
import time
import rophako.model.user as User
import rophako.model.comment as Comment
from rophako.utils import (template, pretty_time, login_required, sanitize_name,
from rophako.plugin import load_plugin
from rophako.settings import Config
mod = Blueprint("comment", __name__, url_prefix="/comments")
def index():
return template("blog/index.html")
@mod.route("/preview", methods=["POST"])
def preview():
# Get the form fields.
form = get_comment_form(request.form)
thread = sanitize_name(form["thread"])
# Trap fields.
trap1 = request.form.get("website", "x") != "http://"
trap2 = request.form.get("email", "x") != ""
if trap1 or trap2:
flash("Wanna try that again?")
return redirect(url_for("index"))
# Validate things.
if len(form["message"]) == 0:
flash("You must provide a message with your comment.")
return redirect(form["url"])
# Gravatar?
gravatar = Comment.gravatar(form["contact"])
# Are they submitting?
if form["action"] == "submit":
# Are we subscribing to the thread?
if form["subscribe"] == "true":
email = form["contact"]
if "@" in email:
Comment.add_subscriber(thread, email)
flash("You have been subscribed to future comments on this page.")
flash("Your comment has been added!")
return redirect(form["url"])
# Gravatar.
g.info["gravatar"] = gravatar
g.info["preview"] = Comment.format_message(form["message"])
g.info["pretty_time"] = pretty_time(Config.comment.time_format, time.time())
return template("comment/preview.html")
def delete(thread, cid):
"""Delete a comment."""
url = request.args.get("url")
Comment.delete_comment(thread, cid)
flash("Comment deleted!")
return redirect(url or url_for("index"))
@mod.route("/edit/<thread>/<cid>", methods=["GET", "POST"])
def edit(thread, cid):
"""Edit an existing comment."""
url = request.args.get("url")
comment = Comment.get_comment(thread, cid)
if not comment:
flash("The comment wasn't found!")
return redirect(url or url_for("index"))
# Submitting?
if request.method == "POST":
action = request.form.get("action")
message = request.form.get("message")
url = request.form.get("url") # Preserve the URL!
if len(message) == 0:
flash("The comment must have a message!")
return redirect(url_for(".edit", thread=thread, cid=cid, url=url))
# Update the real comment data with the submitted message (for preview),
# if they clicked Save it will then be saved back to disk.
comment["message"] = message
if action == "save":
# Saving the changes!
Comment.update_comment(thread, cid, comment)
flash("Comment updated successfully!")
return redirect(url or url_for("index"))
# Render the Markdown.
comment["formatted_message"] = Comment.format_message(comment["message"])
g.info["thread"] = thread
g.info["cid"] = cid
g.info["comment"] = comment
g.info["url"] = url or ""
return template("comment/edit.html")
def privacy():
"""The privacy policy and global unsubscribe page."""
return template("comment/privacy.html")
@mod.route("/unsubscribe", methods=["GET", "POST"])
def unsubscribe():
"""Unsubscribe an e-mail from a comment thread (or all threads)."""
# This endpoint can be called with either method. For the unsubscribe links
# inside the e-mails, it uses GET. For the global out-opt, it uses POST.
thread, email = None, None
if request.method == "POST":
thread = request.form.get("thread", "")
email = request.form.get("email", "")
# Spam check.
trap1 = request.form.get("url", "x") != "http://"
trap2 = request.form.get("message", "x") != ""
if trap1 or trap2:
flash("Wanna try that again?")
return redirect(url_for("index"))
thread = request.args.get("thread", "")
email = request.args.get("who", "")
# Input validation.
if not thread:
flash("Comment thread not found.")
return redirect(url_for("index"))
if not email:
flash("E-mail address not provided.")
return redirect(url_for("index"))
# Do the unsubscribe. If thread is *, this means a global unsubscribe from
# all threads.
Comment.unsubscribe(thread, email)
g.info["thread"] = thread
g.info["email"] = email
return template("comment/unsubscribed.html")
def partial_index(thread, subject, header=True, addable=True):
"""Partial template for including the index view of a comment thread.
* thread: unique name for the comment thread
* subject: subject name for the comment thread
* header: show the Comments h1 header
* addable: boolean, can new comments be added to the thread"""
comments = Comment.get_comments(thread)
# Sort the comments by most recent on bottom.
sorted_cids = [ x for x in sorted(comments, key=lambda y: comments[y]["time"]) ]
sorted_comments = []
for cid in sorted_cids:
comment = comments[cid]
comment["id"] = cid
# Was the commenter logged in?
if comment["uid"] > 0:
user = User.get_user(uid=comment["uid"])
avatar = User.get_picture(uid=comment["uid"])
comment["name"] = user["name"]
comment["username"] = user["username"]
comment["image"] = avatar
# Add the pretty time.
comment["pretty_time"] = pretty_time(Config.comment.time_format, comment["time"])
# Format the message for display.
comment["formatted_message"] = Comment.format_message(comment["message"])
g.info["header"] = header
g.info["thread"] = thread
g.info["subject"] = subject
g.info["commenting_disabled"] = not addable
g.info["url"] = request.url
g.info["comments"] = sorted_comments
g.info["photo_url"] = Config.photo.root_public
return template("comment/index.inc.html")
def get_comment_form(form):
return dict(
action = request.form.get("action", ""),
thread = request.form.get("thread", ""),
url = request.form.get("url", ""),
subject = request.form.get("subject", "[No Subject]"),
name = request.form.get("name", ""),
contact = request.form.get("contact", ""),
message = request.form.get("message", ""),
subscribe = request.form.get("subscribe", "false"),