A Python content management system designed for kirsle.net featuring a blog, comments and photo albums. https://rophako.kirsle.net/
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals
"""Endpoints for the wiki."""
from flask import Blueprint, g, request, redirect, url_for, flash
import rophako.model.user as User
import rophako.model.wiki as Wiki
import rophako.model.emoticons as Emoticons
from rophako.utils import template, pretty_time, render_markdown, login_required
from rophako.settings import Config
mod = Blueprint("wiki", __name__, url_prefix="/wiki")
def index():
"""Wiki index. Redirects to the default page from the config."""
default = Wiki.name_to_url(Config.wiki.default_page)
return redirect(url_for("wiki.view_page", name=default))
def list_pages():
"""Wiki page list."""
g.info["pages"] = [
{"name": name, "link": Wiki.name_to_url(name)} \
for name in Wiki.list_pages()
return template("wiki/list.html")
def view_page(name):
"""Show a specific wiki page."""
link = name
name = Wiki.url_to_name(name)
g.info["link"] = link
g.info["title"] = name
# Look up the page.
page = Wiki.get_page(name)
if not page:
# Page doesn't exist... yet!
g.info["title"] = Wiki.url_to_name(name)
return template("wiki/missing.html"), 404
# Which revision to show?
version = request.args.get("revision", None)
if version:
# Find this one.
rev = None
for item in page["revisions"]:
if item["id"] == version:
rev = item
if rev is None:
flash("That revision was not found for this page.")
rev = page["revisions"][0]
# Show the latest one.
rev = page["revisions"][0]
# Getting the plain text source?
if request.args.get("source", None):
g.info["markdown"] = render_markdown("\n".join([
"# Source: {}".format(name),
return template("markdown.inc.html")
# Render it!
g.info["rendered_body"] = Wiki.render_page(rev["body"])
g.info["rendered_body"] = Emoticons.render(g.info["rendered_body"])
g.info["pretty_time"] = pretty_time(Config.wiki.time_format, rev["time"])
# Author info
g.info["author"] = User.get_user(uid=rev["author"])
return template("wiki/page.html")
def history(name):
"""Page history."""
name = Wiki.url_to_name(name)
# Look up the page.
page = Wiki.get_page(name)
if not page:
flash("Wiki page not found.")
return redirect(url_for(".index"))
authors = dict()
history = list()
for rev in page["revisions"]:
uid = rev["author"]
if not uid in authors:
authors[uid] = User.get_user(uid=uid)
pretty_time=pretty_time(Config.wiki.time_format, rev["time"]),
g.info["link"] = Wiki.name_to_url(name)
g.info["title"] = name
g.info["history"] = history
return template("wiki/history.html")
@mod.route("/_edit", methods=["GET", "POST"])
def edit():
"""Wiki page editor."""
title = request.args.get("name", "")
body = ""
history = True # Update History box is always checked by default
note = request.args.get("note", "")
# Editing an existing page?
page = Wiki.get_page(title)
if page:
head = page["revisions"][0]
body = head["body"]
if request.method == "POST":
# Submitting the form.
action = request.form.get("action", "preview")
title = request.form.get("name", "")
body = request.form.get("body", "")
history = request.form.get("history", "false") == "true"
note = request.form.get("note", "")
if action == "preview":
# Just previewing it.
g.info["preview"] = True
# Render markdown
g.info["rendered_body"] = Wiki.render_page(body)
# Render emoticons.
g.info["rendered_body"] = Emoticons.render(g.info["rendered_body"])
elif action == "publish":
# Publishing! Validate inputs.
invalid = False
if len(title) == 0:
invalid = True
flash("You must have a page title.")
if len(body) == 0:
invalid = True
flash("You must have a page body.")
if not invalid:
# Update the page.
return redirect(url_for("wiki.view_page",
g.info["title"] = title
g.info["body"] = body
g.info["note"] = note
g.info["history"] = history
return template("wiki/edit.html")
@mod.route("/_delete_history/<path:name>/<revision>", methods=["GET", "POST"])
def delete_revision(name, revision):
"""Delete a wiki page revision from history."""
link = name
name = Wiki.url_to_name(name)
if request.method == "POST":
Wiki.delete_history(name, revision)
flash("Revision deleted.")
return redirect(url_for("wiki.view_page", name=Wiki.name_to_url(name)))
g.info["confirm_url"] = url_for("wiki.delete_revision", name=link, revision=revision)
g.info["title"] = name
g.info["type"] = "revision"
return template("wiki/delete.html")
@mod.route("/_delete_page/<path:name>", methods=["GET", "POST"])
def delete_page(name):
"""Delete a wiki page entirely."""
link = name
name = Wiki.url_to_name(name)
if request.method == "POST":
flash("Page completely deleted.")
return redirect(url_for("wiki.index"))
g.info["confirm_url"] = url_for("wiki.delete_page", name=link)
g.info["title"] = name
g.info["type"] = "page"
return template("wiki/delete.html")